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Motorcycle Insurance

We’ve been insuring motorcycles in New York for over thirty years and are experts at finding you the right type of coverage. At Woodside Agency, Inc. our motorcycle insurance motto is "Any Bike, Any Rider." We can find you a motorcycle insurance policy with affordable prices and the coverages you need.

Different Kinds of Motorcycle Insurance

The motorcycle market constantly changes and we change along with it. In addition to State Required Motorcycle Insurance we offer many optional coverages including:

Any Motorcycle Covered

There are all kinds of motorcycles out there. From Harleys and Indians to Hondas and Yamahas, we will help you protect your bike with insurance coverage. With no shortage of coverage options, give us a call if you have any questions about what sort of coverage might be right for you.


Many of our motorcycle insurance policies also offer substantial discounts for Safety Classes, Motorcycle Organization Membership, Home Ownership, and Prior Coverage as well as package discounts for bundling automobile insurance along with your motorcycle insurance policy.

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