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Renter's Insurance

Finding a Renter's Insurance Policy in New York

The fact that you are renting a home rather than owning one should not stop you from investigating your insurance options in New York. Despite not owning a home, many people have thousands of dollars invested in their possessions. Renter's insurance from Woodside Agency, Inc. can protect those investments.

As a renter, your personal property – things like your televisions, laptops, furniture and other personal possessions – are not covered for loss under your landlord’s dwelling insurance policy. A fire, a break-in or even flooding from an upstairs apartment will only be covered by the landlord’s policy leaving your personal property unprotected. A Renter's insurance policy guarantees that your personal property is insured.

This is where renter's insurance comes in. Renter's insurance is an insurance policy for you. Your renter's insurance protects your property. If your furniture, electronics, jewelry, or anything else are damaged or stolen because of fire, weather events, water damage, or a break-in, you can have them replaced by the insurance company.

Renter's insurance is afforable and cost-effective. Often, renters can receive discounts when their auto insurance is bundled with their rental policy. If you have questions about renter's insurance in New York and New Jersey, contact Woodside Agency, Inc. We can give you all the information that you need to protect your property.

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